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How to tell if you have a broken spring:

Broken Torsion Spring

    Your garage door is probably the heaviest moving part of your home and to accommadate this weight a  counter-balance system is utilized. This system, when properly sized and adjusted, makes a door that may weigh up to several hundred pounds something you can move easily. 


   At the heart of this system is the spring(or springs) that provide the energy to help lift the door. These springs are rated to open and close a door a certain number of times or "cycles". Eventually the calculated cycles will be reached and the spring will break from metal fatigue. Using a door with a broken spring can be dangerous and it must be repaired before normal operation can be resumed.  


   To identify a broken spring you should look for:

- Loose or out of place cables

- Gaps or stretches in the springs

- An electric garage door only opening a few inches

- A garage door that is hard to lift manually




Picture of a Broken Garage Door Spring

Broken Extension Spring

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