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Any garage door product is only as good as the installation. An expensive door, installed incorrectly, will fail in a few short years while a properly installed, budget-friendly door will out-perform it. Unfortunately, we often see this when we are called out to repair doors that have been installed incorrectly. Hobbs Door Service is not only Accredited and Certified by the IDEA (Institute of Door Dealer Education and Accreditation) but also has a 50 year history of making sure your installation is done correctly. 

Safety Check and Maintenance


You wouldn't dare drive your car for years on end without doing the required maintenance as perscribed by the auto industry so why not maintain your garage door according to its manufacturers guidelines? Many people aren't even aware that an annual service and safety inspection is recommended by the maker of their garage door. Don't keep putting it off! Those creaks, groans and squeaking may be warning signs of a bigger problem that is about to surface! 


It happens at the most inopportune moment. One day you go to open your door and something obviously has gone wrong, now you're stuck with a non-working garage door. Don't worry! We can get it up and running in a quick and cost effective manner. In addition, our repair is covered with a 1 year parts and labor warranty so you rest assured that the job is done correctly.    

When you have to repair your door, it is a great time to opt into our *Annual Maintenance Call list. We'll give you a call a year from the repair and you can decide if you'd like to have us come out. No pressure, just a simple reminder.  *See Safety Check & Maintenance  

Trailer Counterbalance Repair

Has your trailer tailgate seen better days? Is it excessively heavy or missing one or both of the cables?  We can service and repair most modern trailer counterbalance systems, call us today and give your back a break!

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