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Garage Door Openers

At Hobbs Door Service we offer a range of high-quality, residential garage door openers to meet the needs of every homeowner. Each model in our carefully curated lineup was chosen to provide for the unique needs of homeowners in Hampton Roads. Discover the perfect opener to enhance the functionality and security of your home.

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Traditional Chain Drive

Most openers come standard with 2 remote controls and 1 keypad, need a different accessory package? We can provide fewer or more accessories to meet your exact needs 

Direct Chain Drive 

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The Sommer Evo has a feature set that makes it perfect for situations where a traditional opener isn't ideal. It's Made in Germany and is quieter than a traditional chain driven opener. 

Belt Drive

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The LiftMaster belt drive openers are packed full of features, LED lighting and integrated cameras are standard on both the 84505r and 87504.

Heavy-Duty Chain Drive

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The LiftMaster 85870 is the go to opener for those extra heavy residential doors. When optioned on lighter doors, its slower speed  gives a smoother operation while maintaining chain driven durability.       

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Wall Mount

Newly refreshed for 2023, the LiftMaster 98022 delivers a clean aesthetic when an open ceiling is required. It also is our opener of choice for residential high lift track applications.

Call 757-467-8002 to schedule the installation of your new opener package!

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