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How to Align Photo Eyes:

    If your garage door is electrically operated and you are having issues with closing the door you may have a problem with your photo eyes (also called sensors).    

    These sensors are usually mounted several inches off of the floor on both sides of the door and send an invisible beam from one side to the other. If the sensors are working correctly there is usually an LED light on each one that will be lit. if these LED's are not lit there may be an alignment issue.  


   To re-align your photo eyes:

- Make sure there are no items blocking the beam

- Check mounting brackets for loose or missing             fasteners

- Try to move the photo eyes until they are both             square and level. It may help to try and imagine a       straight line runing between the two units.


   If the door still will not close check:

- To ensure there is nothing stuck on the door, i.e.         cobwebs or leaves that are breaking the beam when   it closes

- Damaged or missing wiring.




A misaligned Liftmaster / Chamberlain style sensor 
A misaligned Chamberlain style sensor.
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